Why let the Taxman earn interest on your money

  • We are a professional company specialising in CIS taxation with 35 years experience in accountancy and personal tax.

  • We have access to the latest technology to allow electronic submission of tax returns.

  • We use our relationship with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs to get your rebate quicker.

  • It is in our interest to build relationships that last, which is why we always put you first.


Competitive Fees

We just charge a flat fee of £300 that is deducted from your rebate, before we hand it to you. On the rare occasion that you are not due a rebate, a cheque would be required in advance.

Please Note This Incldues £25.00 For Fee Protection Insurance

Contact Details

The Stables
Wrotham Road
Kent DA13 0HP

T: 07783 136899
F: 01474 815600
E: info@cisaccounts.co.uk
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You are required by law to submit a tax return for the year ended 5th of April 2019, if you do not do so by 31 January 2021, you may incur interest and charges.

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